Introducing Patricia Jobson, Stratton Court Village Manager
September 7, 2021

We are proud to introduce Patricia Jobson to Stratton Court Village. Pat is our Village Manager and plays a vital role in our wonderful Village.

 As a Village Manager, Pat focuses on the service experience of apartment residents and is here to exceed customer expectations. Whether that be enhancing the day to day lives of residents, or helping to plan a full social calendar, Pat is here to make life not just enjoyable, but exciting and memorable.

 By managing the team of maintenance, housekeepers and front of house, Pat plays an integral part in ensuring the smooth running of the village. She is also key in ensuring that changing needs of residents is met and Villagers feel supported throughout their time here.

 With over 21 years of experience in the sector, Pat has lots of knowledge and passion in supporting older adults, maintaining their independence and making Stratton Court Village an excellent place to live and work.

Pat prides herself on her relationship building and personally engages with residents on a regular basis as well as the local community and healthcare providers and continually looks to improve the existing services at Stratton Court Village.  

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