Exercising after 65
August 5, 2021

The good news is that it is never too late to reclaim your health. Returning to exercise might be intimidating for some, but we all know that it benefits our physical and mental health. It is an important element of staying in shape.
If you don’t stay active, all of the activities you’ve always enjoyed and taken for granted may become more difficult. You may find it difficult to engage in ordinary joys such as playing with your grandchildren, walking to the shops, participating in activities and meeting new people.

  1. Start Small
    If you have never exercised before and want to go at your own pace, start by setting little objectives and tracking your progress as you go. Don’t sign up for a marathon just yet!
  2. Make friends with similar interests.
    It’s a lot easier to get out and exercise when you have someone to do it with. It will help you keep focused while also allowing you to pass the time.
  3. Have fun.
    The most essential thing is to have a good time. You must ensure that you enjoy what you are doing; if you are not having fun, you will most likely stop the exercise and will not want to attempt anything new. Make sure you try a variety of activities to find one that you enjoy.

The Stratton Court Village way

We are proud of the facilities we have available for our retirement village community at Stratton Court Village. We provide everything you need to live a healthy lifestyle, including an on-site gym, walking groups and spa facilities. We also have an award-winning chef who designs menus that are focused on your health and wellbeing which is available in our beautiful restaurant.

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