The Benefits of Downsizing
October 5, 2020

The thought of downsizing for many is a daunting process. Leaving behind a home that you may have lived in for the majority of your life, where memories have been made with your family and friends. However, the vast benefits often outweigh the downsides. Maintenance alone on a property much bigger than needed can be an overwhelming task in itself, and as you age, living in a property not built to support the ageing process may leave you vulnerable and at risk. Mrs Forest, a resident of one of our properties explains:

“My last property was too big and I found it a struggle to keep on top of the upkeep, so moving to a retirement community was essential to make my life more manageable.”

Mrs Beck explains:

“I was concerned about moving as our old house we had lived in for 59 years. We had accumulated so many belongings in that amount of time and I was worried about the general change in our life. We were getting older and I knew we simply couldn’t maintain the property much longer. I find the size of the apartment now a lot easier to clean and we have a cleaner provided by Aura which is extremely helpful.”

Safety is Key

Stratton Court is a beautiful retirement community consisting of 1 and 2 bedroom homes for the over 55s. But it doesn’t stop with just a luxury property in beautiful surrounds. Stratton Court boasts a safe community with a night porter. Mrs Walton says:

“I now live alone and feel very safe living in my apartment at Stratton Court.” Mrs Beck explains “I feel very safe here. I feel a lot less lonely as knowing I have other residents in the building gives me confidence and reassurance that I have people around me.”

Things to Consider When Moving


When deciding on where to move, there are many things to consider including deciding what size of property to buy, whether you want to rent or buy, part exchange, as well as considering what it would be like to live in the property itself. Mrs Forest advises:

“Talk with friends and people who already live at Stratton Court as you will find people who are in a similar situation to you making you feel supported and less alone.”

Stress Free Moving

Moving itself is an extremely stressful experience for many, especially if you have been in your house for many years. Our relocation services are designed to help ease that stress and include helpful services such as removals assistance and access to our on-site maintenance team to help with tasks such as picture hanging to help you feel at home as quickly as possible.

“Start sorting through all of your belongings as ears as possible as we had so much packing and organising to complete in a short time frame” advises Mrs Walton.

Mrs Forest adds “I was very organised and thorough with all the details of the move such as packing and arranging. It is important to really consider what you need in your new home.”

Things to Look Forward To

Although it can be a very sad part of your life leaving behind your home in which so many memories have been made, it is important to look forward to the future in your new home.

“We live so much closer to family. Our grandchildren come and visit us all the time and my daughter-in-law’s parents have just moved into the apartment below us. It is so convenient for our grandchildren who can visit both grandparents at the same place” explains Mrs Beck. Mrs Walton advises “I am very settled here now and I am very grateful for the kindness of all the staff members and residents as I have made some lovely new friends.”

Final Thoughts

Mrs Beck reflects “As you get older, you find the upkeep of a house a lot harder to maintain. We loved our family home of many years, however, you should think about yourself and if you can manage in your home. It is a difficult decision, but you are never alone and people at Stratton Court Village are very supportive so always ask for help and advice.”

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